Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jeevan Saral by LIC makes your life "ultra saral"....

Jeevan Saral from LIC (Table no 165) is one of the best plans by the LIC which takes care of all the requirements that an investor needs in life. It takes care of the safety of capital, life cover, capital appreciation and liquidity. It has been correctly termed as LIC ki RD cum PPF.

The 2 biggest advantages of this plan by LIC are:-
 1) It gives you the same death cover irrespective of the age and the term.
 2) Policy period is extended after 10 years and you can withdraw your money anytime without any extra charges or extend the policy like a PPF

The following are some of the features of Jeevan Saral:-

  • High life risk cover at very low premium
  • Guaranteed Surrender Value after policy being in force at least for 3 years
  • Liquidity & a lot of flexibility
  • Death cover is same irrespective of age at entry and term
  • 100% of Maturity Sum Assured in case of surrender after 5 years
  • Death Benefits is 250 times of monthly premium + Total premium paid, less 1st year's premium & Extra premium paid + Loyalty Addition if any payable in lump sum.
  • Withdrawal of money after 10 years with full maturity benefits plus loyalty additions, if any or you can get guaranteed surrender value before maturity if policy has been in force at least for 3 years.
Amid all the gloom and pessimism where people are taking potshots at the Governement for policy paralysis, it is high time that we focus on the available plentiful resources which are within our circle of competence to make a better tomorrow.  LIC Jeevan Saral perfectly fits the bill for a safer and a more secure tomorrow.

Please go through the attached images for a vivid understanding of the policy.

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